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Integrative Nutrition Therapy

Integrative Nutrition Therapy

When diet is wrong, medicine is of no use.
When diet is correct, medicine is of no need.

-Ayurvedic proverb

Simply put, I am an advocate for eating real, whole foods. Food we put in our bodies can promote health or cause disease. Working with a qualified nutritionist is a great way to ensure that what you are eating and drinking is providing your body and mind with the right nutrients. We know that what we eat influences our weight and how we look. But food choices also influence how we feel and think. Did you know there is a link between food and mood?

My passion is educating people on what a miraculous "drug" healthy food can be. My primary goal as a nutritionist is to help you identify dietary and lifestyle habits that need adjustment. I work with my clients to empower them to adopt healthy eating and lifestyle habits - one small change at a time - that will optimize their wellbeing long-term.

Conditions that can be addressed by dietary and lifestyle interventions include, but are not limited to:

• Digestive disorders
• Weight fluctuations
• Allergies
• Fatigue/low energy
• Anxiety and/or depression
• Sleep issues

• Thyroid issues
• Heart disease
• Cognitive impairment
• Skin issues
• Autoimmunity/low immunity
• Struggles with fertility


"All disease begins in the gut"

Integrative and functional nutrition model is based on identifying the root causes of disease and correcting them with proper nutrition and targeted supplementation. The cornerstone of treatment is a comprehensive health history and symptom assessment. Unlike the traditional healthcare model, functional medicine views body as a whole and not as individual organ systems. More often than not, digestive health is a starting point in the treatment plan. Without optimal digestion, we open ourselves up for disease.

Fortunately, as an integrative and functional practitioner, I have a variety of tools to help identify and mediate imbalances.  I use several cutting-edge functional lab tests, including nutrition-centered genomic testing, to help guide my treatment plans. We are now learning that our genes are largely influenced by our choices and the environment, so their expression can, therefore, be modulated by appropriate dietary and lifestyle interventions. Once imbalances are identified, the most powerful tool I have in my toolbox is an appropriate, healthful, real-food based, absolutely delicious, diet prescription. I hope you can feel how passionate I am about the role of good food in our health!

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